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International Association for Cultural Freedom

Adam Watson pide ayuda a Shepard Stone
para Seminarios y Ediciones

22 enero 1976


Internacional Association for Cultural Freedom
international secretariat
104, boulevard haussmann     paris (8)     cable : culturlib paris

January 22, 1976

Mr. Shepard Stone
Aspen Berlin
Inselstr. 10

Dear Shep,

I spoke to you on the telephone about the need of the publishing house, Seminarios y Ediciones, for a capital sum to enable it to take advantage of the new opportunities that are opening up in Spain.

I enclose Pablo Marti Zaro's request, translated into German. As you will see he is asking for the comparatively moderate sum of about $25,000. This figure, with the money he hopes to raise in Spain, will enable Seminarios y Ediciones to act adequately in Spain and Portugal at a time when the book trade generally is suffering from severe financial difficulties and is not in a position to finance a leap forward simply from the money generated by sales of paperback books. After discussions in London and here with Pablo Marti and Kot Jelenski, we feel that we should be more likely to succeed if you would approach the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung on behalf of Seminarios y Ediciones and the IACF. One difficulty about a direct approach is that the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and the S.P.D. have close links with the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party, which is essentially a working class and trade union party, whereas the Spanish Social Democrat Party represents intellectual and white-collar progressive elements. Pablo Marti fears that the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party would hesitate to endorse any request for funds from Germany which are not directly for its own organization. Seminarios y Ediciones includes on its Board members of both these parties and of the rival Christian Democrats, with the Social Democrats predominating.

As you also know the opposition in Spain today is dominated by two groups: the Junta Democratica, which is substantially communist; and the Plataforma de Convergencia Democratica which consists of the Socialist Workers' Party, Social Democrats and the progressive wing of the Christian Democrats. Seminarios y Ediciones is probably the main intellectual channel of the Plataforma. My last visit to Spain in November strengthened my conviction that at this formative period, when new ideas are beginning to circulate in print it is most important not to leave the intellectual case to be stated very largely by communists and fellow-travellers, but to ensure that the voice of the moderate left is also clearly and effectively heard. The trouble with the Socialist Workers' Party is that it is so concerned with the workers and the trade unions that it tends to neglect the vital intellectual side.

We would therefore be most grateful if you could tackle the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in the best way you see fit.

The need for money is urgent. Indeed we have decided to make a small advance to Seminarios y Ediciones to tide them over their difficulties.

With best wishes to you both, and my continuing gratitude for your help.

Adam Watson

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